+Do residents have to pay to enter the island?
No, residents will enjoy free and seamless access.
+For residents who do not drive, how do they gain access into Sentosa?
To gain access into Sentosa, residents who do not drive may take the Sentosa bus or the new Sentosa Express light rail system (to be completed by end 2006) from HarbourFront into the island. To reach Sentosa Cove, shuttle bus service will be provided from the light rail system station inside Sentosa. A direct shuttle bus service between HarbourFront and Sentosa Cove will also be provided; its implementation however, will be subject to demand.
+When will the shuttle buses be operational? Will it be a 24-hour service?
The shuttle buses shall be operational when there is sufficient critical mass of commuters and demand for the service. The operation hours will depend on demand and usage.

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+Where will the bus stops in the residential area be? Will there be a bus stop just outside Parcel C9?
Depending on the demand and usage patterns, the bus stops shall be situated at locations that are convenient for most commuters.

+What are the security services provided in Sentosa Cove?
Sentosa Cove residential precincts are gated. A state-of-the-art security system will be in place. Security services include gantry checks, CCTV surveillance, motion detectors and security guards on patrol. Sentosa’s rangers and mainland police are also available on call. Residents will be issued with ID and access cards and can readily supplement with their own security system.

+Can other visitors to the island access Sentosa Cove easily?

Visitors may only access Sentosa Cove’s public precinct which includes the commercial area surrounding the marina. Only residents and authorized visitors will be allowed entry into the gated residential areas.

+How do friends of residents access residential areas within Sentosa Cove?
Residents should first register the visitors’ details with the security so that the system can screen the particulars of the visitors before allowing access.

+As Parcel C9 is right at the end of the Northern residential precinct, does that mean residents are very far from the marina village?
Condominium Parcel C9 is within close proximity to the lock gates. There is pedestrian or buggy access to the marina village via the lock gates.

+Is the marina promenade a public road or a pedestrian mall? If this is an access road, could we assume that this public road is a category 5 road?
The marina promenade is a pedestrian mall which forms Sentosa Cove’s Seafront Park Connector. The marina promenade is similar in intent to the promenade along Singapore River (e.g. at Boat Quay and Clarke Quay).

+Is the foreshore promenade an access road for vehicles or a pedestrian mall/walkway?
The foreshore promenade, like the marina promenade, is a pedestrian mall which forms Sentosa Cove’s Seafront Park Connector. The foreshore promenade with its meandering footpath is meant to provide a more relaxing experience to its users.