Waterfront Villas

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The only waterfront landed address in Singapore with foreign ownership eligibility. Your search for an unprecedented waterfront living ends here at Sentosa Cove.

With a wide selection of waterfront villas and clustered housings including private berthing spaces, be among the discerning few to experience the epitome of luxury resort living at Sentosa Cove, Singapore’s Most Exclusive Real Estate.

A total of 214 bungalows, 30 terraced houses in the North Cove and 156 bungalows in the South Cove.

Whether facing the majestic South China Sea, the spectacular verdent fairways of the Tanjong golf course, or the calm serenity of the waterways, each unique villas are meticulously designed and built to fulfill your desire of a dream residence.

Only Sentosa Cove offers the opportunity for foreigners to own landed properties in Singapore without restrictions.

North Cove South Cove

  • Coral Island
  • Paradise Island
  • Treasure Island
  • Kasara
  • Lakeshore View
  • Ocean Drive

  • Sandy Island
  • Pearl Island
  • Cove Way
  • Cove Drive
  • Cove Grove

For Sale

Ocean Drive

  • Land 7,998sqft Build-up 6,000sqft
  • Land 7,800sqft Build-up 6,000sqft
  • Land 10,000sqft Build-up 8,000sqft
  • Land 7,998sqft Build-up 6,000sqft

Paradise Island

  • Land 8,109sqft Build-up 10,668sqft
  • Land 7,338sqft Build-up 8,859sqft

Treasure Island

  • Land 14,000 Build-up 15,500sqft

Coral Island

  • Land 6,500sqft Build-up 6,700sqft

Cove Grove

  • Land 18,555sqft (Sell Land)
  • Land 10,116sqft Build-up 14,232sqft

Cove Way

  • Land 8,150sqft Build-up 13,500sqft
  • Land 7,000sqft Build-up 10,100sqft

Cove Drive

  • Land 12,816sqft Build-up 16,664sqft
  • Land 15,929sqft Build-up 18,079sqft